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Eva Rothschild
20/10/2001 - 17/11/2001

Adam Chodzko
Limbo Land
24/11/2001 - 22/12/2001

Art Athina

Kate Barba
19/1/2002 - 16/2/2002

Vangelis Vlahos with Scott Myles, Stephen Sutcliffe, and Mary Redmond
The PRoject SPace
Hosted by Els Hanappe Underground and The Breeder basements projects
7 - 30/3/2002

Alan Michael
Vangelis Vlahos
Group exhibition
18/4/2002 - 8/6/2002

Alex Slade
The paintings of Mrs. Margaret
C. Wellington, Mansett, me

5 - 27/7/2002

Eva Rothschild just completed her first set of solo shows entitled 'Peacegarden' in Britain at The Showroom in London and at the Cornerhouse in Manchester. Her work included sculptural and mixed media wall-based pieces. The main body of Eva Rothschild's art deals with the imagery on posters of fantastic, often obscure, sometimes threatening images, the kind that we immediately associate with science fiction, horror, and legendary stories. She first repainted these ready available posters in different tones of black, wherein the image became barely visible, only to be seen from a specific angle, and heightening the effect of mystery, danger, and magic.

In her more recent work, Eva Rothschild has been patiently weaving together two posters or drawings cut into thin strips of paper, combining two images into one and conjuring up new possibilities of interpretation. While referring back to the womanly craft of weaving, the strong images, often in aggressive colours - black, fluorescent - leave little room for coziness. The same can be said for her sculptures, which revalue traditional ritual or cultural symbols. One of these, called 'Blackmountainside' is made up of 5 triangles pierced with holes, hard, black, and glossy surfaces with upward pointing sharp edges that cut like knives into the air. Built up in a complicated manner with their bottom angles clutching each other, they appear as a puzzle to the viewer. In 'Unita', Celtic rings have been wrapped around with bright colourful 'hippie' threads, summing up the major concerns of the artist: her wish to combine a 60s idealism with a 90s renewed spiritualism through the new age movements in the hope of finding an answer to and a antidote for contemporary cynicism. The work equally displays an interest and a curiosity in the nature of various materials.

At Els Hanappe Underground, the artist will show both old and new work, including site specific wall based leather strip sculptures, woven posters and psychore posters, and a incense stick wall piece.

Eva Rothschild was born in Dublin and is currently based in London. She closely works together with the Modern Institute, Glasgow, and Modern Art Inc., London.