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Eva Rothschild
20/10/2001 - 17/11/2001

Adam Chodzko
Limbo Land
24/11/2001 - 22/12/2001

Art Athina

Kate Barba
19/1/2002 - 16/2/2002

Vangelis Vlahos with Scott Myles, Stephen Sutcliffe, and Mary Redmond
The PRoject SPace
Hosted by Els Hanappe Underground and The Breeder basements projects
7 - 30/3/2002

Alan Michael
Vangelis Vlahos
Group exhibition
18/4/2002 - 8/6/2002

Alex Slade
The paintings of Mrs. Margaret
C. Wellington, Mansett, me

5 - 27/7/2002

Adam Chodzko's first solo exhibition at Els Hanappe Underground … …
explores how our experience of transition can be imagined, described and extended. In Limbo Land 2001 (DVD and sound installation) a sound recordist searches through an archive of sound samples in order to construct a soundtrack for the 'limbo' state of dying. In Meeting (2000) a series of hand drawn posters invite us to attend an assembly of people with stammers to describe a fire. Better Scenery (2001), a photographic diptych advises a journey between two billboards in two locations, one a car design factory in Torino, Italy, the other the dark interior of a forest in Cumbria, England. At both sites it becomes impossible to experience one place without reference to the other, setting up a 'vibration' between the two, as between sound and image in Limbo Land. Loose Disclaimer (2000) shows six production stills taken from six one-minute video sequences. These separately describe the journey around the outskirts of a city at night with a standard film disclaimer (that awkwardly worded text at the end of a film that reminds you that the fiction you have just witnessed has no (or only 'coincidental') connection with reality). These sequences were then (illegally) recorded back onto the ends of video films hired from video stores and this dispersal is recorded in an accompanying text. Once more, a tension between states (and their description) is set up in 'Glitch' by Paulina Cassimatis (2001) and 'Glitch' by Sally Tonge (2001) where two corners within the gallery have been 'decayed' by two different theatre scenery artists from Athens.

The artist recently had solo shows at Sandroni Rey Gallery in Los Angeles, and at Franco Noero Galleria in Turin. He participated last year in the 'Artifice' show at Deste Foundation in Athens, and was included in the group shows 'Sensation', Royal Academy, London (1997), 'Brilliant', Walker Arts Center, Minneapolis, and the 1995 British Council selection for the Venice Biennale.

In Spring 2002, two new publications will come out, an artist's book by BookWorks, and a catalogue of recent work, commissioned by the Film and Video Umbrella.