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Eva Rothschild
20/10/2001 - 17/11/2001

Adam Chodzko
Limbo Land
24/11/2001 - 22/12/2001

Art Athina

Kate Barba
19/1/2002 - 16/2/2002

Vangelis Vlahos with Scott Myles, Stephen Sutcliffe, and Mary Redmond
The PRoject SPace
Hosted by Els Hanappe Underground and The Breeder basements projects
7 - 30/3/2002

Alan Michael
Vangelis Vlahos
Group exhibition
18/4/2002 - 8/6/2002

Alex Slade
The paintings of Mrs. Margaret
C. Wellington, Mansett, me

5 - 27/7/2002

The PRoject SPace, a non-profit space, without a permanent venue, operates as an autonomous zone where no rules apply to anything it does. Its semi-virtual and mobile nature is not defined by a particular locality. When the exhibition ends, it returns to its virtual existence.

So far, The PRoject SPace, has been hosted in the living room of an apartment in Zografou area, and this current show will be hosted at Els Hanappe Underground and The Breeder basement projects simultaneously.

The PRoject SPace is directed by Vangelis Vlahos.

The artists in this exhibition include: Scott Myles, Mary Redmond, Stephen Sutcliffe.

The works, an in-progress video and audio archive, a cardboard shoebox and some scoops of ice cream lying on tabletops, are the result of an unseen action that hints at the possibility of transformation. The show deals with the temporality of perception and the passivity of the way we perceive and re-contextualize information.

A publication will accompany the show with texts by Rob Tufnell (Assistant Curator at Dundee Contemporary Arts), Francis McKee (writer and curator based in Glasgow), and Anne-Marie Copestake (artist living in Glasgow).

Scott Myles, 'Excursions (box for Kirstin and Tim), 2000, R-type