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Valérie Mannaerts
Month of Photography
Drawings and Photographs
(catalogue entry)

Group Show curated by Gary Webb
Participating artists:
Antje Majewski, Gary Webb,
Henry Coleman, James Baxter,
James Ferris, Katja Strunz,
Luke Dowd, Nicole Wermers,
Roger Hiorns, Saron Hughes
25/10/2003 - 6/12/2003

Vangelis Vlahos
October 2003

Jason Middlebrook
10/12/2003 - 7/2/2004

Despina Isaia, Nayia Frangouli,
Nina Papaconstantinou
ARCO - Grecia 04

Yiannis Grigoriadis
25/2/2004 - 7/4/2004

Apostolos Karastergiou
art athina 04
7 - 10/5/2004

Koen Wastijn & Nicolas Kozakis
(on the occasion of the Olympic
20/5/2004 - 10/7/2004
and 3-31/8/2004 from 20.00-24.00
every day

'Help' is a group exhibition curated by London based artist Gary Webb. The artist has previously organized exhibitions, including 'Heart and Soul' (1999) for Sandroni Rey Gallery, Los Angeles, and 'Brown' (2001) for The Approach gallery in London. These shows stood out because of Gary's ability to bring together a large group of artists from different backgrounds and nationalities with a very similar creative outlook. He introduces unknown names, collaborates with colleagues he has come in contact with over various residency programs, and does not shy away from confronting his own extravagant work with strong statements by fellow artists. 'Help' was put together as an exploration into the sculptural practice, extending its vocabulary through artists who work in a variety of media - painting, performance, and video for instance - but who start out from artistic qualities such as volume, spatiality, and 3-dimensionality. The title was taken from the name of a disco club in Brazil, reflecting its colourfulness, its exuberance, and additionally, its slight creepiness.