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Valérie Mannaerts
Month of Photography
Drawings and Photographs
(catalogue entry)

Group Show curated by Gary Webb
Participating artists:
Antje Majewski, Gary Webb,
Henry Coleman, James Baxter,
James Ferris, Katja Strunz,
Luke Dowd, Nicole Wermers,
Roger Hiorns, Saron Hughes
25/10/2003 - 6/12/2003

Vangelis Vlahos
October 2003

Jason Middlebrook
10/12/2003 - 7/2/2004

Despina Isaia, Nayia Frangouli,
Nina Papaconstantinou
ARCO - Grecia 04

Yiannis Grigoriadis
25/2/2004 - 7/4/2004

Apostolos Karastergiou
art athina 04
7 - 10/5/2004

Koen Wastijn & Nicolas Kozakis
(on the occasion of the Olympic

20/5/2004 - 10/7/2004
and 3-31/8/2004 from 20.00-24.00
every day

Els Hanappe Underground is pleased to announce its partipation in the annual Athens art fair, art athina 2004, with a personal presentation by young Greek artist Apostolos Karastergiou. The artist will make an installation especially designed for the fair stand, incorporating recent and new work. Apostolos Karastergiou likes to work in the grey zone between art and design, taking clues from the fields of product design. Design allows the creator to make perpetual changes around a basic concept. Similarily, the artist constantly evolves his work around shapes, forms, materials, and techniques. For art athina 2004, Apostolos Karastergiou will play around the idea of the stand design itself, building a landscape that integrates typical items such as plants, seating areas, and carpets. Drawings in triangular shapes will close off the corners, changing the optical effect of the standard rectangular booth. The artist creates an environment that has a domestic feel to it, challenging the notion of the institution and its tendency to underline the individuality of autonomous works. The environment itself though is made up of individual units that can be re-installed in a different setting.