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Peter Downsbrough,
Kurt D'Haeseleer, and Ken Kobland Argos
video projection introducing three
short films - program 1h10'
25/9/2002, 9:00 pm

Alex Slade
The paintings of Mrs. Margaret
C. Wellington, Mansett, me

26/9/2002 - 19/10/2002

Art Cologne
30/10/2002 - 3/11/2002

Vangelis Vlahos

Barbara Visser
The World belongs to Early Risers
22/11/2002 - 11/1/2003
Text by Alexandra Koroxenidis

Apostolos Karastergiou
Despina Isaïa
23/1/2003 - 22/2/2003

Jason Meadows
Story Book Medicine Levels
26/2/2003 - 5/3/2003

Hayley Tompkins
Katja Stunz
Valerie Mannaerts
4/2003 - 7/2003
Text by Katerina Gregos

The three subsequent shows present three young women artists, all born during the 70s, who work in a variety of media, including drawing and watercolour, sculpture, and video and photography. They live and work in three different European cities that have emerged as important centers of artistic activity: Glasgow through its vibrant, young music and art scene set around its schools and institutions, Berlin through its extensive development programme and funding scheme, and Brussels through its geographical location at the very heart of Europe, within close proximity of other major centers.


Hayley Tompkins Glasgow
9/4/2003 - 21/5/2003
The three exhibits are neither collaboration or group exhibit, nor exactly solo shows. By scheduling one exhibit right after the other, each artist will be confronted with the previous exhibit, perhaps even transferring a work or a sign from one to the next. As such, the artists themselves could remain complete strangers but they will always become aware of each other, and of the approach each has taken to art today. Dialogue and communication are stimulated, not required. The artists do not necessarily need to respond to each other work - there is no influence between them - but they respond to each other's exhibitions.


Katja Strunz Berlin
21/5/2003 - 27/6/2003
As for the viewer, a visual continuation is created that allows for a more critical and closer perception of the works of the artists in relationship to each other. This in turn creates a platform on which to discuss young women's artwork in Europe today.


Valerie Mannaerts Brussels
2/6/2003 - 26/7/2003
The exhibitions would be presented as solo exhibitions but a focus on the link and the continuation (flow) between the three presentations would be kept by announcing them together.