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Peter Downsbrough,
Kurt D'Haeseleer, and Ken Kobland Argos
video projection introducing three
short films - program 1h10'
25/9/2002, 9:00 pm

Alex Slade
The paintings of Mrs. Margaret
C. Wellington, Mansett, me

26/9/2002 - 19/10/2002

Art Cologne
30/10/2002 - 3/11/2002

Vangelis Vlahos

Barbara Visser
The World belongs to Early Risers
22/11/2002 - 11/1/2003
Text by Alexandra Koroxenidis

Apostolos Karastergiou
Despina Isaïa
23/1/2003 - 22/2/2003

Jason Meadows
Story Book Medicine Levels
26/2/2003 - 5/3/2003

Hayley Tompkins
Katja Stunz
Valerie Mannaerts
4/2003 - 7/2003
Text by Katerina Gregos

At first glance, Jason Meadows' sculptures seem awkward and weird, slightly off, improvisational perhaps, or experimental. They are made up of irregular forms and ordinary materials that have been glued, screwed, and fit together in a DIY manner. Although the sculptures are abstract in look, their titles make simple allusions to specific objects or figures. These can refer to typically American concepts - such as squaw, or eagle - and the rawness of their features adds to the humoristic undertone, antidote perhaps to Hollywood slickness and perfection. 'Eagle' for instance reminds me of the carefully carved out and sculptured tree trunks that can be spotted along the highways. The artist himself also claims a strong influence of the local music scene. Recently, Jason Meadows' sculptures have become more spatial in quality with their shapes cutting through the air, while he has added color to create a more visual entity between the different parts and materials. Through the use of rhythm and repetition, and by combining abstract shapes with representational reference, the artist has succeeded in turning daily objects into lyrical compositions.

At Els Hanappe Underground, the artist will be showing new sculptures, drawings and paintings.

Jason Meadows (1972 Indianapolis) lives and works in Los Angeles.

Jason Meadows has often been cited along with a group of individual young sculptors that has been emerging since the late 90s, most notably in Britain and on the West Coast of the United States.