Alan Michael, Keith Farquhar
and Lucy Mckenzie
Panache by Flourish Studio, Glasgow
4/11/2000 - 23/12/2000

Dimitra Barba
I Love You Love Me Love
12/1/2001 - 17/2/2001

Dave Muller
'Music' three day weekend
exhibition and event organized
by the artist
24, 25, 26/2/2001
music by DJ Handpuppet
and DJ Mulldozer

Vangelis Vlahos
Text by Liberty Vance

Martin Boyce
Disappear Here
11/5/2001 - 2/6/2001

George Kazazis
7/6/2001 - 7/7/2001

Three Day Weekend is an ongoing, nomadic and continuously changing exhibition that temporarily occupies different venues around the world. Each project consists of a host institution, a title and concept, and a number of invited artists. Improvisation, collaboration and interaction are important notions behind the philosophy of TDW. TDW was conceived in 1994 in Los Angeles by Dave Muller who first started showing works of fellow artists, usually over the course of three day long holiday weekends. Since its first days in L.A., TDW has organized shows and events in Houston, Vienna, Tokyo, Malmo, London, and Berlin.

For Athens, Dave Muller has conceived a project resolving around music and its relationship to art, as perceived through ambiance, rhythm, and lyricism. Classic examples would be Mondrian's jazzy 'Boogie Woogie' or the lyrical paintings by Swiss artist Paul Klee. Guest artists Alex Slade, Ann Faison, Corrina Peipon, Evan Holloway, and Jason Meadows will be invited to participate in the show and work around this concept.

Artist, musician, dj and exhibition organizer Dave Muller uses a similar approach of involvement and integration for his own artwork. His hand painted miniature posters, which can often been seen in magazines and galleries, advertise and announce other artists' shows. Executed in a style that closely follows the overall aesthetic of the upcoming show, and providing correct information, these posters can nonetheless be instantly recognized as Dave's interventionist work. They therefore question the idea of authorship and individuality, not unlike his drawings and watercolors that comment playfully, not critically, on other artists' work.