Alan Michael, Keith Farquhar
and Lucy Mckenzie
Panache by Flourish Studio, Glasgow
4/11/2000 - 23/12/2000

Dimitra Barba
I Love You Love Me Love
12/1/2001 - 17/2/2001

Dave Muller
'Music' three day weekend
exhibition and event organized
by the artist
24, 25, 26/2/2001
music by DJ Handpuppet
and DJ Mulldozer

Vangelis Vlahos
Text by Liberty Vance

Martin Boyce
Disappear Here
11/5/2001 - 2/6/2001

George Kazazis
7/6/2001 - 7/7/2001

"I close my eyes and dream of images of the city I've just left. I imagine morning in a house high up in the hills. A sliding door opens onto a view of the ocean below. I get into an open-top car, pull out of the driveway and head towards the city. Everything is crisp and clear. The day then goes on like that. There is just driving and I never reach the city. I am all potential, the moment is perfect."
Martin Boyce (1967, lives and works in Glasgow) explores the psychological and often traumatizing effects of a postwar, postmodern, urban society. In his wall paintings, texts and phrases that express our collective fears, emotions, and desires, are set against a grid, that popular metaphor for the city, its constraints and anxieties.

At Els Hanappe Underground, Martin Boyce will present new work, a set of photographs based on wall paintings, in an edition of 10.
The artist closely collaborates with the Modern Institute, Glasgow. Recent exhibits include Johnen & Schoettle gallery, Cologne; Jerwood Gallery, London; Beck's Futures 1, ICA London; the British Art Show 5, organized by Hayward Gallery, London. Currently his work can be seen in the 'Zero Gravity' show at the Kunstverein Duesseldorf.