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Adam Chodzko
Design for a Carnival
9/9/2004 - 9/10/2004

Hito Steyerl
Vangelis Vlahos
Group exhibition
21/10/2004 - 20/11/2004

Corrina Peipon
Nina Papaconstantinou
and a presentation of the publication Gagarin
9/12/2004 - 13/1/2005

Despina Isaïa
Hatice Güleryüz
Group exhibition
20/1/2005 - 19/2/2005

Adam Chodzko, Alan Michael,
Corrina Peipon, Jason Middlebrook, Katja Strunz, Nayia Frangouli,
Vangelis Vlahos
The Armory Show
Piers 90 & 92, booth 92-132
New York

Accrochage with the gallery artists
23/3/2005 - 23/4/2005

Nayia Frangouli
The Misuse of Plans
21/5/2005 - 25/6/2005

The work by Nayia Frangouli shows an ongoing concern with architecture and its social implications, with urban structures, and the implicit character of spaces. Often placing natural and technological details side by side, the artist investigates the relationship, the interaction but also the antagonism between both presences. Lately, she has created series such as 'congregational cluster', a set of drawings with increasingly dense surfaces representing the numerous possible networks within the city, or 'caged landscapes', detailed drawings of buildings or landscapes as viewed from behind fences and walls. 'The Misuse of Plans', as this exhibition is called, refers to the architectural plans of landmark modernist buildings that have been subverted by the artist into new structures, reflecting the seemingly arbitrary character of decision making that leads to the final outcome. The viewer will for instance see plans for the Bauhaus in Dessau to be built along a vertical rather than a horizontal line. The exhibition will include drawings, a floor piece, and a video projection about which the artist comments:

'Structural plans are drawn ideas that configure space. The way those ideas are realized depends on the interpretation of those drawings by different people. The results, from a drawing to a structure, could change the initial intentions. The installation of a new floor in the gallery space sets off the reconfiguration of this particular interior. The marble mosaic floor is being altered to wooden floor boards, a typical material here used within an unusual positioning. The video is a continuation of the same idea, used to configure space within the limitations of its medium. The inconsistencies created by the editing, leave room for the viewer to mentally transform and rediscover the space as s/he views it. '